Installing the PCLMagic Printer Driver

Our Windows Hardware Certified PCLMagic Printer Driver is easy to install and deploy. There are three different demos included in the PCLTool SDK Live Evaluation. This guide will walk you through the steps needed to install them.

PCLMagic Workflow Diagrams: PCL2PDF : PCLPRINT : PRINT2All

1.  Review the diagrams above to get a basic understanding of the workflow and where the output files are generated.

2.   Register for the PCLTool SDK Live Evaluation

3.   Launch the downloaded file to begin the installation of PCLTool SDK.


4.   Keep all the default settings during the installation.

pcltool sdk default setttings

5.   Open the "Port Monitor and Printer Drivers" folder that is located in the PCLTSDK<64>_Vvv default icon group (illistrated in picture) or in the PCLTSDK<64>_Vvv shortcut folder located on the desktop.

Port Monitor and Printer Drivers

6.   Install any of the three PCLMagic Printer Driver Demos you would like to evaluate by clicking the green INSTALL - Driver and Port Monitor icon and answering "Yes" to the install printer driver prompt.

Install Port Monitor and Printer Driver

7.   Now that you have successfully installed the PCLMagic Printer Driver you are ready to test.


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PCLWorks Program

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